This is a tutorial we created for potential authors. It assumes access to the SWAT tool, which is no longer available. However, you can still get a pretty good idea of how the system worked by reading this tutorial.

Getting Started
The Engine Cycle
Basics of Scripting
A Scripting Exercise
Growing the Storyworld
Emotional Reactions
Adding Consequences to Events
Hijacking the Storyline
The Verb Properties Box
Abort Scripts
The Relationship Editor
How Actors Can Spy on Each Other/a>
More on Scripting
The Scriptalyzer: a Powerful Tool
Lizards: Your Little Helpers
Some Special Operators
HistoryBook Operators
More Special Operators
Fate: the Author's Agent
More on Fate
Poisoned Scripts
Word Sockets
System Verbs
Audience Constraints
More on Attributes
BNumbers and UNumbers
Blending Operators
More Blending Operators
Overview of Engine Operation
Details of Engine Operation
Odds, Ends, and Many Other Things