Originally, Storytron was an application developed by Crawford between 2000 and 2010 in an attempt to launch an interactive storytelling revolution based on his earlier Erasmatron work.

Verb-centric and process-intensive, the software focused on “people, not things,” offering a different approach compared to other interactive fiction tools available at the time. Officially launched in 2009 with the storyworld Balance of Power: 21st Century, the platform failed to attact widespread attention and languished for years in limbo, remembered only by a few enthusiasts.

Crawford continued with various attempts to kickstart his ideas without success (Siboot 2.0 (site, notes), Le Morte D’Arthur 2017, Sappho) and retired from the field in 2018.

In 2018 all of the software was open sourced. New development proceeded slowly over the next two years, halting briefly when Crawford un-retired in 2019 with another quixotic plan for interactive storytelling called Le Morte D’Arthur 3.0 (this latest effort appears to be on hiatus for now).

Work on Storytron has resumed and this site is the new home for these efforts. There’s a Slack group that you can join by emailing me at info@storytron.com.