If you’ve been following the Storytron 1.0 site you know that the software was open sourced in 2018.

After much thought, I’ve come up with a plan to migrate the SWAT 1.3 code into a new JavaFX application that focuses on interactive encounters, or “scenes” as I’m now calling them, as a way for authors to create and experience an interactive storyworld in one hour or less. Over time, I’ll investigate the possibility of moving over the old SWAT Actor, Verb, Prop, and Stage editors into this new JavaFX application.

This will be Storytron 2.0 and this site will be the new home for this work. I’ll post here about ideas and designs (my own and others) and try to give quarterly updates as I’ve done in the past. For those of you who are interested in joining the conversation, there’s a Slack group that you can join by emailing me at info@storytron.com.