Hello everyone. If you’ve been following the Storytron 1.0 site you know that last year Crawford gave me all of the Storytron software to open-source after ending his twenty-six year odyssey attempting to sell his concept of interactive storytelling to the world. He failed, said he was retiring, but soon returned with a plan to create a 4th generation of his technology, similar to his previous efforts. I was incredulous.

I briefly suspended my own work when Crawford un-retired but I was unable to abandon Storytron and came up with a new plan to move the SWAT 1.x code into a new JavaFX application, focusing on interactive encounters, or “scenes” as I’m now calling them, as an way for authors to create and experience an interactive dramatic experience in one hour or less. This will be Storytron 2.0.

This site is the home for all this new work. I’ll post here about my ideas, my designs, and try to give quarterly updates as I’ve done in the past. For those of you who are interested, there’s also a Slack group that you can join by emailing me at info@storytron.com.